Passivehouse Literature and Downloads

Zero-Carbon Solutions will have literature and other types of information available for download, some of it free of charge, some of it not.

This is the current list - click on an item to download it.

  • Niels Bjergstrom's presentation introducing passivehouses and contrasting them to houses constructed to UK building regulations. This file requires Powerpoint or a similar presentation program to play. The presentation has many useful animations, so it is recommended to run it instead of just looking at the slides.

  • Niels Bjergstrom's introductory passivehouse article in Issue 8, 2007, of ConstructIreland

  • A small leaflet introducing the company, produced for EcoBuild 2008.

  • A small leaflet introducing Scandinavian Homes houses, produced for EcoBuild 2008. If you print it out on a sheet of A4 paper, a page on each side, and then fold it to produce an A5 4-page leaflet it will look right.

  • Form to help evaluate the suitability of potential building plots (or house locations in general for that matter) in PDF format or as an Excel spreadsheet

  • Form to help design your dream house in PDF format or as an Excel spreadsheet

  • Passivehouse Design and Construction Checklist. This is an important document which will help architects, passivehouse planners and construction companies get passivehouses right by providing a step-by-step design and construction procedure, in PDF format