Zero-Carbon Solutions are UK distributors for the Swiss Meteonorm climate information software.

Meteonorm is a comprehensive meteorolo­gical reference, in­corporating a catalogue of meteorological data and calculation proce­dures for solar applications and system design at any desired location in the world, including calculations of solar gains in passivehouses. It is based on over 20 years of experience in the develop­ment of meteorological databases for energy applications.
Meteonorm addresses the requirements of engi­neers, architects, teachers, planners and anyone interested in solar energy and climatology.

It consists of a number of components:

  • Database:
  • climatological data from more than 7.700 weather stations
  • measured parameters: monthly means of global radiation, temperature, humidity, precipitation, days with pre­cipita­tion, wind speed and direction, sunshine duration
  • time periods: 1961-90 and 1996-2005 for temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind speed selectable
  • updated global radiation database for the period 1981-2000
  • use of satellite data for areas with low density of weather stations
  • inclusion of climate change forecast (Hadley CM3 model)
  • Models:
    • interpolation models to calculate mean values for any site in the world
    • single minute time resolution for radiation parameters
    • calculation of radiation for inclined surfaces using updated models
    • enhanced temperature and humidity generation for building simulation
  • Software:
    • import of user data (including current data over the Internet)
    • effects of high horizon considered in radiation calculations. High horizon calculated auto­matically for all mountain regions
    • 28 different standard output formats as well as user-de­finable output formats
    • 5 languages supported: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
    • manual in English, maps and illustrations are included
    • substantial redesign of the software in version 6 of the system - do update if you run an earlier version!

    Low price:
    data and models in one downloaded file for the cost of a few hours of work.

    The basis of Meteonorm is a method to calculate solar radiation on arbitrarily orientated surfaces at any location. The method is based on databases from all over the world, and algorithms coupled according to a predetermined scheme.

    This complex machinery is concealed behind a simple (but not too simple) user interface guiding the user through a procedure which starts with the user specifying a particular location for which meteorological data are required, and ends with the delivery of data of the desired structure and in the required format, including data suitable for use with PHPP.

    This link points to a leaflet introducing Meteonorm in considerably more detail (in English).

    Here you can download installation instructions for Meteonorm and you can download the program itself from this address.

    The download allows you to install the system and test it for ten days before purchasing a license. Please for prices and further information.